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Aiki Jo Bideford
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Aiki Jo Bideford

Aikijo, (Aiki Jo, Aiki-Jo), harmony of spirit with Jo,the Japanese short staff. Aikido weapons class in North Devon.

​Aiki Jo Bideford.

Aiki weapons training.

(Jo and Ken, short staff and wooden sword, ​also looking at tachi dori, Jo nage, Jo dori)
taught by Richard Small in Bideford, Devon, UK, principle based teaching.

There are visible differences in the aiki weapons from styles that developed from various sword schools. They are often not the same, neither have they the same purpose.

Some Jo kata resembles spear practice more than it does Jo.Perhaps the Bo and spear techniques were added and applied to the Jo merely for convenience. I don't know.

It makes us consider the katas' origins.Nuances of use may be different but
both are valuable in our search for harmony.


  • Years training in this style

    45 years Training - 25 years teaching.

  • Years training in Martial Arts

    45 Years Training

  • Instructor

    Richard Small

  • Class Times

    Wednesday 7:00 to 9:00pm

  • Age Range

    Adults 16+


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