Wing Chun Kuen Academy – North Devon

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Wing Chun Kuen Academy – North Devon

Wing Chun is a straight to the point martial art, using economy of motion, centre line theory, trapping and multiple strikes to nullify attacks. It's a fairly recent martial art (only 300 to 400 years old) although the original roots of Kung Fu can be traced much further back. Wing Chun was made famous by the late great Bruce Lee, who used many of its principles as the basis of his own art Jeet June Do. Western boxing needs no introduction, but suffice to say the footwork and punching techniques compliment Wing Chun extremely well. For the first hour of lessons we concentrate on boxing, padwork and technical sparring and the second hour on Wing Chun.

What will I need to bring/wear

  • Make sure you bring water... you'll need it.
  • Wear loose fitting gym gear.
  • Clean feet :-) - shoes cannot be worn on the mats.
  • Boxing gloves / wraps if you have some, if not we do have spare gloves.

This martial arts class focuses on the following methods and positions:

  • Strikes - ¬†Standard Boxing Punches, Wing Chun Punch, Elbows, Palm, Eye Gouges, Knees and Low Kicks.
  • Centre-Line Theory.
  • Flow - No rigid set movements.
  • Padwork
  • Chi-Sau - Sticky Hands


Years training in this style
Steve has been training in Wing Chun for over 16 years and Boxing over 10 years
Years training in Martial Arts
Steve has been training in Martial Arts from the age of 7 so over 30 years in total.
Steven Phillips
Class Times
Tuesdays 8:30 to 9:30pm (Wing Chun Technique) / Thursdays 7:30 to 9:30pm (Boxing & Wing Chun)
Age Range
Adults 16+


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Bourne Fitness & Martial Arts, Horswell Farm, Cleave Lane End, Bishop's Tawton EX32 0ED
Zip/Post Code
EX32 0ED
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