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Shinbukai Aikido
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Shinbukai Aikido

I teach Aikido in the tradition of Shoji Nishio Shihan. The style has emphasis on the following fundamental points: Firstly correct entry/positioning at the outset of the encounter in order to control the outcome, this is known in Japanese as Irimi; Secondly the importance of Atemi (striking) to control the rhythm and fighting distance of the encounter; Thirdly understanding the principles of the Japanese sword.

Although there is a rich heritage of Aikido in North Devon, as far as I am aware, Nishio style has not been taught previously in the region, and it’s pretty rare to see it at all in the UK, so the club is quite unique from that perspective.

I have about 30 years of general martial arts experience, with about 20 of those in Aikido.

Shinbukai Aikido is affiliated to UK Aikido Shimbokukai based in Coventry, itself part of the US Shimbokukai group headed by Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei. With this link we are affiliated to the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan and are also linked to the British Aikido Board (BAB).


  • Years training in this style

    20 years

  • Years training in Martial Arts

    30 years

  • Instructor

    Matthew Gallagher

  • Class Times

    Tuesdays 7:30 to 9:00pm

  • Age Range

    Adults 16+


Contact Information

  • Address
    Lantern Centre, 101-99 High St, Ilfracombe EX34 9NH
  • Phone
  • Zip/Post Code
    EX34 9NH

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