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Tenchi Ryu Aikido

Tenchi Ryu Aikido

Aikido – based on Yoshinkan. An effective and dynamic approach to a traditional style

AIKIDO is a Japanese martial art based on locks, throws and holds. It is purely defensive and uses the attacker’s force and power against him/her. This means that people of all shapes and sizes, young or old, weak or strong, have the ability to practice Aikido. It also means that it is an ‘ethical’ martial art because it is not used to attack someone else – it is only used for self-defence.
Aikido is used by the Police and special forces world-wide as a method of restraining people and dealing with violence or threats. It is tried and tested – and it works! However, aikido is taught with the concepts of ‘peace and harmony’ at its centre – reflecting the philosophy of its founder and creator Morihei Ueshiba.

Aikido incorporates the use of weapons such as the wooden staff (jo), wooden sword (bokken) and wooden knife (tanto).


  • Years training in this style

    50 + Years

  • Years training in Martial Arts

    50 + Years

  • Instructor

    Brian Stockwell 7th Dan (backed up by a team of 20 other instructors)

  • Class Times

    Tenchi Ryu provides a vat array of different and daily class times - please follow the link to find out more - https://tenchi-ryu.com. Their main location is The Aikido Centre in Barnstaple, but they also run classes in Torrington

  • Age Range

    Children & Adults 5 years old and over


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